Great Features & Benefits

Bulk Lists Updated Regularly

We worked hard to create a system that will update all of the available bulk lists on a regular basis. We realized that by using outdated lists you could be missing on some deals and new products because the page counts were not correct.

Spy into huge Competitors

We added a feature which will allow you to extract all the products and pricing from any competitor storefront, no matter how big it is, yeap... even 500,000 products. Adding some extra details in the near future, stay tuned!

Export directly into TA format

We want to save you time so bulk list can be filtered down, ordered and exported in seconds (even on Android devices). Both bulk lists and giftcards/cashback offers can be exported directly into TacticalArbitrage format.

Compile multi-domain lists

TacticalArbitrage supports multi-domain searches you can easily compile updated lists for multi-domain searches. You will be able to search across your subscribed lists and compile just a list of your preferred niche.

Export top 100k best sellers

Are you after finding high velocity products? What better than using TA to reverse search into different ranges within 100k top selling items? Can export either the whole list or just your lucky range :)

Choose Cashback and Giftcard sites

We track almost any cashback and giftcard site available, but that doesn't mean that you have accounts with all of them. You have the ability to filter out and export just the preferred partners from your preferred cashback and giftcard sites.

Find categories across stores

Are you afraid of getting lists for certain store? Are you specialized in certain niche? Unicorn Horns? Salt and pepper shakers?? You will be able to search along all stores categories and find which stores will suit you.

Suggest and Vote new stores

We try to add new bulk lists and stores on a regular basis, but in order to select the ones that you want we resorted to democracy!, now you can suggest and vote so we prioritise in the ones the users want the most.

Discounts added daily

We manually go trough all the offers available on each supported site, that way we can offer you a curated list of actionable discounts to use while you are sourcing.
(export fully compatible with TA).

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Available Monthly Plans


$ 0 / month
  • Unlimited Access
  • 1 credit
  • from $23


$ 39 / month
  • Unlimited Access
  • 2 credits
  • 2 slots
  • 5 credits
  • from $23
  • from $30


$ 69 / month
  • Unlimited Access
  • 4 credits
  • 10 slots
  • 15 credits
  • from $23
  • from $30


$ 99 / month
  • Unlimited Access
  • 8 credits
  • Unlimited slots
  • 30 credits
  • from $23
  • from $30

Do not hesitate emailing us if you have any questions regarding any of the plans